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Galva Police Department

210 Front Street

Galva, IL 61434

(309) 932 - 3720




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Kraig Townsend 2014

Jerry Clark 2003

Mike Sumner 1995

Ray Holman 1992

Steve Martin 1985

George Cannell 1976

Charles Wheelhouse 1953

Charlie Hilton 1947

Tony Lawson 1940

Howard Reed 1934

Mort Swanson 1933

Theodore Aman 1926

Charlie Hilton 1921

Theodore Aman 1916


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The Nigerian Scam Is Back!

Here's how it works: Letters (or, nowadays, e-mail messages) postmarked from Nigeria (or Sierra Leone, or the Ivory Coast, or almost any other foreign nation) are sent to addresses taken from large mailing lists. The letters promise rich rewards for helping officials of that government (or bank, or quasi-government agency or sometimes just members of a particular family) out of an embarrassment or a legal problem. Typically, the pitch includes mention of multi-million dollar sums, with the open promise that you will be permitted to keep a startling percentage of the funds you're going to aid in squirreling away for these disadvantaged foreigners.

In a nutshell, the con works by blinding the victim with promises of an unimaginable fortune. Once the sucker is sufficiently glittery-eyed over the prospect of becoming fabulously rich, he is squeezed for however much money he has. This he parts with willingly, thinking "What's $5,000 here or $10,000 there when I'm going to end up with $2 million when this is all done?" He fails to realize during the sting that he's never going to get the promised fortune; all of this messing around is designed to part him from his money. For more information on this scam visit

Credit Agency Scam!

Equifax Corporate Security has received notice that businesses are receiving fraudulent letters appearing to be from Equifax. These letters request that current or potential contractors register by submitting their company’s financial information on a release form entitled, "Authorization to release financial information". Sample from this letter:

“Our records show that you are currently registered as a prospective contractor for procurements listed by the U.S. Federal Government. However after reviewing your records we have noticed that you have not submitted your financial release form. Your financial institution’s privacy policy may not allow it to release your financial information even to government institutions without your consent, therefore we must have such form on file before we can move on with any procurement decisions.”

The Authorization to release financial information requests that you provide the name of your financial institution and the account number and fax to (202) 652-4312.

This letter is a scam and not from Equifax. Other versions of this letter have been sent out to businesses purporting to be from the Department of Transportation as well as from other companies. These letters are a fraudulent means to obtain financial information. Please discard these letters.

If you have responded to this fraudulent letter, contact your financial institution immediately.


911 icon Report all emergencies by dialing 911


Reports other than emergencies may be made by calling the Galva Police Department at (309) 932 - 3720. If an officer is not available, you may leave a voice mail and a call-back number and an officer will contact you as soon as possible.


If you need to speak to an officer right away, call the Henry County Sheriff's office at (309) 937 - 3911 (Non Emergencies Only!).


neighborhood watch siign

Call 911 to report unusual activity or suspicious behavior that may require an immediate response by the Galva Police Department.


Remember, you do not have to wait until later to report something that your "gut instinct" tells you is "not quite right." What you perceive to be "out of the ordinary" may in fact be criminal activity.


For various reasons, the Galva Police Department may have your vehicle towed to an impound yard for safekeeping. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • the vehicle is parked in a No Parking zone
  • the vehicle was involved in suspected criminal activity and must be impounded to preserve evidence
  • the vehicle is obstructing traffic
  • the vehicle has been involved in an accident and must be stored until the owner can safely remove it
  • the vehicle is obstructing emergency personnel and/or emergency equipment
  • the vehicle is parked in a fire lane
  • the vehicle is obstructing public works personnel attempting to remove snow from public streets

If you know or suspect that your vehicle has been towed, contact the Galva Police Department to arrange for its release.


Before your vehicle will be released, you will have to:

  • pay a towing fee - towing fees start at $100.00 and may be more depending on the circumstances
  • pay a storage fee - the storage fee for impounded vehicles is $7.50 per day
  • provide current proof of insurance or other proof of financial responsibility for the vehicle
  • present a valid Driver's License unless you are having the vehicle removed by a tow service

file folders

To obtain a copy of a police report, such as:

  • an accident report
  • a crime report
  • a case report or
  • an activity log

contact the police department at (309) 932 - 3720. The fee for each report is $10.00.


Hint: to see the latest activity report, click on the "Police Blotter" icon in the right-hand panel on this page, just under "Quick Links...."


The Galva Police Department is responsible for enforcing the City's animal control ordinance.skunk tracks

Because animals that seem harmless at first may in fact pose an unnecessary risk to you or others, Galva police officers always recommend that you do not approach any animal that is unfamiliar to you.


To report a dog running at large, call (309) 932 - 3900.


To report an animal that is acting strangely or in a threatening or vicious manner call 911.


Animals running at large, as well as neglected or abused animals and those animals that have become a nuisance to others are subject to being impounded. By city ordinance, the owners of animals deemed to be a nuisance to others, and the owners of those animals that are impounded by the City, are subject to fees and fines, and in some cases the loss of their animals.


The City employs a licensed trapper that will assist property owners that have been invaded by skunks, raccoons and other nuisances. The City will not remove rabbits or squirrels from your property.


To request assistance with trapping nuisance animals call City Hall during normal working hours at (309) 932 - 2555.


For more information regarding animal control within the municipality's corporate limits, visit the City's Animal Control Page on this website.